Infinix Zero Review 5: 6GB of RAM Alloy + The Most Inexpensive Optical Zoom Camera Dual

Since its first presence in Indonesia, Infinix Zero is a variant of Infinix Mobility’s smartphone that features in terms of camera, as well as the flagship of all series of smartphones owned by Infinix so far. After quite a success capsa susun by presenting Infinix Zero 3 and Infinix Zero 4 are still superior in terms of camera, now, ahead of early 2018, Infinix often present a new smartphone that entered the family line Infinix Zero, the Infinix Zero 5. Slightly different from the previous series , Infinix Zero 5 has dimensions and big screen like that often owned on Infinix Note series, also now use Dual Camera 12 + 13 MP as its main advantage.

Appearance and overall design of Infinix Zero 5 is arguably has a slightly significant difference compared with the previous series. Body design is taken, especially on the back of the body, is not a generic design that is often displayed by most of the smartphones coming from China. Now, the rear body design of Infinix Zero 5 will probably give you a flash of memory for one of the high-end smartphones that had circulated a few years ago, which is similar to the design of the Huawei P9. However, this design itself is quite different with the design of smartphones in general on the togel hari ini market today, and this itself makes Infinix Zero 5 becomes quite interesting to see. Color variants are presented consisting of Gray and Red colors, and must be recognized, the Red color that is presented through this device looks striking and very interesting.

Infinix Zero 5 has dimensions of 166 x 82 x 7.95 mm, with a large 5.98 inch FullHD screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which still has a 16: 9 ratio instead of following the 18: 9 trend that has been owned by some big screen smartphones others circulating in the year 2017 yesterday.

The overall design of this smartphone itself is formed using diamond cutting edge technology and 28 point CCD detect, with a rear body finishing using metal texture. Despite having a slim design and a large enough body, Infinix Zero 5 is still comfortable to be held or used all day. Only, the rear body is likely to be more slick if not using an additional soft case, so it is advisable to directly use the additional soft case available in the sales package before using it.

The left side of the smartphone is the position of the microSD card slot, while the right side is the position of the power button and volume, along with the slot position for dual SIM card. It must be admitted that the design of the slot and button position is slightly different and unusual, so early use of this smartphone, so you will be a bit confused about the location of the power button or volume that is usually located more at the top edge.

While the bottom position of the smartphone is the main speaker position, mic, as well as charging port which is a USB Type-C port. In a way, this is the first time Infinix using Type-C port is for the type of smartphone he has present in Indonesia this time.


Infinix Zero 5, still following the habits of the previous products, using SoC MediaTek as the kitchen pacunya. But this time, Infinix Zero 5 uses the most recent SoC MediaTek, SoC MediaTek MT6757 CD octa-core Helio P25 with clock speed reaching up to 2.6GHz and ARM Mali-T880 MP2 900MHz GPU. SoC itself is equipped with 6 GB of RAM as well as 64 GB of storage capacity that can be added up to 128 GB with a separate microSD card. With this high specification, it is not surprising that Infinix Zero 5 is absolutely the most advanced flagship of Infinix presented in Indonesia today.

The camera is certainly still being favored on this Infinix Zero 5. With the main camera is now carrying Dual Camera which consists of 12-megapixel wide angle sensor + 13 megapixel telephoto, and adopt 1.25um huge pixel, 6p + 5p lens, f / 2.0 openings, as well as 2x optical plus and 10x digital zoom, the performance of the camera main Infinix Zero 5 itself can be more leverage to produce better quality photos. While the front camera carries a 16 megapixel resolution sensor that is optimized to capture high-quality selfish photos.

Support provided by Infinix Zero 5 is also complete, with support for connectivity 4G LTE FDD / TDD, WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n, Bluetooth v4.2, support Dual SIM card with separate tray with microSD card, to OTG . Unfortunately, we do not see any support for the increasingly popular NFC and often used in recent times.
Sensors are owned by Infinix Zero 5 itself is quite complete for the use of smartphones today, with already has at least Fingerprint sensor located at the back of the smartphone, just below the main camera position, as well as have Gyro sensor to enjoy the content or VR games.

With a large battery reaching 4350mAh, Infinix has prepared Quick Charge 3A feature called XCharge. In addition, Infinix Zero 5 also has a USB Type-C port which will certainly support the charging power becomes much more effective. But it must be admitted, microUSB is still one of the popular buku mimpi port for smartphones so users may find it difficult to exchange or borrow other chargers later.

For sales package, Infinix Zero 5 package it completely. In the contents of the package, users will find there is 1 unit of Infinix Zero 5 device, along with USB Type-C charger cable, adapter, soft casing, pin to unlock SIM / microSD card slot, earphone and manual of user manual and warranty card.

What is Vero?

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Some Gadgeteers may begin to notice that agen togel Instagram users are busy trying out a new app called Vero. An application similar to Instagram is now sitting on the first ladder of the Social Network category in the App Store.

The creator claims that the Vero app makes the online content sharing process “more noticeable like real life”, as stated in its App Store description. But what is Vero, and is it really a new Instagram?

One of the selling power of Vero is a feature where users can choose who can and can not see their posts. They can do this by categorizing followers based on real-life relationships (“close friends,” “friends,” and “acquaintances”). Users can also share more than just photos and videos. Links, music, movies, books, and places can all be shared and entered into “collections”. In general, this kind of feature can be found on Facebook, tap yap right Instagram do not have it.

Vero was created by billionaire Ayman Hariri in 2015 because of his frustration with his experience using Facebook and Twitter. He believes that more and more advertising takes over space and the more complicated algorithms will create an unauthentic experience. In response, he initiated Vero, an alternative concept for social media.

Then domino qiu qiu what makes Vero different? First, Hariri believes that social media should let the user be who you are. To do that, he designed Vero to split your followers into four categories: followers, acquaintances, friends, and close friends. When a user shares something, the user can select the level of friend who can see and who does not, as mentioned earlier.

Hariri also removes the ad completely, which in turn has no mining and algorithms. Everything is simple. The timeline is always set by the post in reverse chronological order. But since it does not use advertising, Vero makes money in several different ways. First, they charge an annual subscription fee, which is rumored to be around $ 5. They will also charge a transaction fee for the purchasing panel. So, business or brand managers can offer products to their followers so that customers can pay directly through Vero. Vero will then save the transaction fee on all payments made through the application. Almost the same as most marketplace.

Vero is currently the most downloaded free app on the Apple App Store. They offer free lifetime subscriptions for the first 1,000,000 users, so if Gadgeteers is considering trying out this new platform, now is the time. Ohya, Vero is also available on Android.

Rows of Game Derived from Box Office Movies

The idea of ​​a game togel wap can appear from anywhere, some are from novels, some are pure or pure that from the idea of ​​a team of developers themselves there is also the adaptation of the film. Yes, not only movies that adapt novels or games to display on the big screen, the game can adapt the movie so that Gadgeteers can feel the immediate sensation while in the situation.

Well, therefore this time we will discuss 5 games coming from famous movies. What are they?

1. The Maze Runner

Actually the game with the endless run genre like Maze Runner has ever existed on Android devices and iOS Gadgeteers. The name of the game itself is Temple Run, but of course with the presence of this Maze Runner, the popularity of Temple Run is threatened, why is that? In addition to this game poker88 lifted from his movie with the same title that Maze Runner, Gadgeteers also presented a new challenge and will really be able to feel the sensation when in a labyrinth.

The game itself is available for both Android and iOS devices and is a free game. To download Gadgeteers can visit both Google Play Store and the App Store.

2. Marvel Future Fight

Although not really lifted from one of the movies on the big screen, but Marvel Future Fight shows how Avengers in action and make Gadgeteers mesmerized by his action fighting in the hands of Gadgeteers. In this game, Gadgeteers can choose your favorite character and complete one mission to another mission with it. Marvel Future Fight can Gadgeteers play on both Android and iOS devices.

3. Zootopia Crime Files

Been watching an animated movie from Disney titled Zootopia? Well now the movie presented by Disney is present in the gadget of Gadgeteers in the puzzle-mystery genre. Just like in the movies, players will accompany the clever rabbit Judy Hopps and the cunning fox Nick Wilde solve some mysteries by finding hidden objects. This game can train the sensitivity and vision of Gadgeteers in search of hidden objects.

Unfortunately for the country itself, Zootopia Crime Files is not available. However Gadgeteers can download its .apk file here.

4. The Dark Knight Rises

The film directed by Christoper Nolan is quite reap positive response. The director presents the impression of the epic and can really make the audience immersed in the Gotham site when it can now Gadgeteers back feel in the palm of the hand. Gameloft is the developer who handles the game that is lifted from the movie The Dark Knight Rises and maybe as already Gadgeteers know, Gameloft almost never make fans disappointed.

But unfortunately Gadgeteers will not find this game in the Google Play Store the article is not available in the Homeland, for it @GadgetGaul provide a way out by downloading the .apk file through the following link.

5. Minions Paradise

Remember the Minions who attended the Despicable Me movie and now have their own movie called Minions? Well, now the Minions is also present in the Android device in the game titled Minions Paradise. In this game Gadgeteers will build a “paradise” for the Minions on an island. There the Minions will play and do silly activities that can make the Gadgeteers stomach shuffled.

Back, like two previous games. Minions Paradise is not officially available on the Google Play Store, in order to play it Gadgeteers must download its downloadable .apk file via the following link.

Make Money by Playing Online Games

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When Gadgeteers is a person who likes to play games. There is no harm in using these fun to make money. The reason is now not a few people who make money just from playing games only. Well, usually the game pokercc that is played from the PC platform, although not only games from PC alone that can make money, but this time we will only discuss special games on the PC first. What are they?

1. Playerunknown’s Battleground

Not long ago appeared the game of survival genre is very much played by people. Despite its young age, Playerunknown’s Battleground or what we can call PUBG already has millions of players and with a considerable income. Besides interesting, with this game also Gadgeteers can make money. How to? Each play, players will get Battle Point or BP, and BP can be exchanged for crate containing cosmetics in the form of clothes, pants, shoes, and so forth. Gadgeteers can sell all of it through Steam Market and unexpectedly you know, the price is also quite high!

2. DOTA 2

Can not be denied that DOTA 2 itself is one of the most popular MOBA game today. Although with the presence of PUBG, DotA 2 remains a game that much-loved by the gamers. How to earn money in DotA 2 itself is actually located on the account and its cosmetics. Unlike PUBG which relies solely on its cosmetics, DOTA 2 depends on its account. In this MOBA game there is a ranking system that actually determines someone playing at which level, is he a beginner? medium? Or pro? But interestingly everyone wants to be viewed differently than their original capabilities, so Gadgeteers can sell services king4d to increase the rankings of others, or sell accounts (although they are not recommended). In addition cosmetics in DOTA 2 is quite tempting to be converted into money, just not as easy as in PUBG, cosmetics in DOTA 2 not just can be obtained with certainty.

3. Team Fortress 2

One more game is present in Steam and with the help of Market, this game became one of the promising money digger other than PUBG and DOTA 2 earlier. In Team Fortress 2 Gadgeteers can create their own items and in fact an average of 90% of items traded is based on the creation of the players themselves. That means, anyone who plays this game can earn real money by creating items and then selling them to other players.

4. Second Life

As the name suggests, Second Life or second life. In this game Gadgeteers will feel what it’s like to have a second life. In addition to the community and the average player in and out of high, the economic value in Second Life was no less great. Gadgeteers can convert L $ currency in this game into the native currency through the help of the FX Exchange Index.

5. Eve Online

Basically Eve Online is not a money-making game. In fact, on the contrary, in this game players will be totobet charged a subscription fee of about $ 15 per month in order to play it. But there is something interesting that makes Eve Online became one of the game making machine money. In this game there is a trick that requires Gadgeteers to buy an item called Pilot’s License Extension (PLEX) with real money.

So what is the use of PLEX itself? PLEX has several uses, one of which is adding a 30-day active period into someone’s account. and the best part is PLEX can be sold to other players instead of the in-game currency, Interstellar Kredits (ISK). Use that way and Gadgeteers will get cashback and even if lucky will get a profit.