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When Gadgeteers is a person who likes to play games. There is no harm in using these fun to make money. The reason is now not a few people who make money just from playing games only. Well, usually the game pokercc that is played from the PC platform, although not only games from PC alone that can make money, but this time we will only discuss special games on the PC first. What are they?

1. Playerunknown’s Battleground

Not long ago appeared the game of survival genre is very much played by people. Despite its young age, Playerunknown’s Battleground or what we can call PUBG already has millions of players and with a considerable income. Besides interesting, with this game also Gadgeteers can make money. How to? Each play, players will get Battle Point or BP, and BP can be exchanged for crate containing cosmetics in the form of clothes, pants, shoes, and so forth. Gadgeteers can sell all of it through Steam Market and unexpectedly you know, the price is also quite high!

2. DOTA 2

Can not be denied that DOTA 2 itself is one of the most popular MOBA game today. Although with the presence of PUBG, DotA 2 remains a game that much-loved by the gamers. How to earn money in DotA 2 itself is actually located on the account and its cosmetics. Unlike PUBG which relies solely on its cosmetics, DOTA 2 depends on its account. In this MOBA game there is a ranking system that actually determines someone playing at which level, is he a beginner? medium? Or pro? But interestingly everyone wants to be viewed differently than their original capabilities, so Gadgeteers can sell services king4d to increase the rankings of others, or sell accounts (although they are not recommended). In addition cosmetics in DOTA 2 is quite tempting to be converted into money, just not as easy as in PUBG, cosmetics in DOTA 2 not just can be obtained with certainty.

3. Team Fortress 2

One more game is present in Steam and with the help of Market, this game became one of the promising money digger other than PUBG and DOTA 2 earlier. In Team Fortress 2 Gadgeteers can create their own items and in fact an average of 90% of items traded is based on the creation of the players themselves. That means, anyone who plays this game can earn real money by creating items and then selling them to other players.

4. Second Life

As the name suggests, Second Life or second life. In this game Gadgeteers will feel what it’s like to have a second life. In addition to the community and the average player in and out of high, the economic value in Second Life was no less great. Gadgeteers can convert L $ currency in this game into the native currency through the help of the FX Exchange Index.

5. Eve Online

Basically Eve Online is not a money-making game. In fact, on the contrary, in this game players will be totobet charged a subscription fee of about $ 15 per month in order to play it. But there is something interesting that makes Eve Online became one of the game making machine money. In this game there is a trick that requires Gadgeteers to buy an item called Pilot’s License Extension (PLEX) with real money.

So what is the use of PLEX itself? PLEX has several uses, one of which is adding a 30-day active period into someone’s account. and the best part is PLEX can be sold to other players instead of the in-game currency, Interstellar Kredits (ISK). Use that way and Gadgeteers will get cashback and even if lucky will get a profit.

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