Rows of Game Derived from Box Office Movies

The idea of ​​a game togel wap can appear from anywhere, some are from novels, some are pure or pure that from the idea of ​​a team of developers themselves there is also the adaptation of the film. Yes, not only movies that adapt novels or games to display on the big screen, the game can adapt the movie so that Gadgeteers can feel the immediate sensation while in the situation.

Well, therefore this time we will discuss 5 games coming from famous movies. What are they?

1. The Maze Runner

Actually the game with the endless run genre like Maze Runner has ever existed on Android devices and iOS Gadgeteers. The name of the game itself is Temple Run, but of course with the presence of this Maze Runner, the popularity of Temple Run is threatened, why is that? In addition to this game poker88 lifted from his movie with the same title that Maze Runner, Gadgeteers also presented a new challenge and will really be able to feel the sensation when in a labyrinth.

The game itself is available for both Android and iOS devices and is a free game. To download Gadgeteers can visit both Google Play Store and the App Store.

2. Marvel Future Fight

Although not really lifted from one of the movies on the big screen, but Marvel Future Fight shows how Avengers in action and make Gadgeteers mesmerized by his action fighting in the hands of Gadgeteers. In this game, Gadgeteers can choose your favorite character and complete one mission to another mission with it. Marvel Future Fight can Gadgeteers play on both Android and iOS devices.

3. Zootopia Crime Files

Been watching an animated movie from Disney titled Zootopia? Well now the movie presented by Disney is present in the gadget of Gadgeteers in the puzzle-mystery genre. Just like in the movies, players will accompany the clever rabbit Judy Hopps and the cunning fox Nick Wilde solve some mysteries by finding hidden objects. This game can train the sensitivity and vision of Gadgeteers in search of hidden objects.

Unfortunately for the country itself, Zootopia Crime Files is not available. However Gadgeteers can download its .apk file here.

4. The Dark Knight Rises

The film directed by Christoper Nolan is quite reap positive response. The director presents the impression of the epic and can really make the audience immersed in the Gotham site when it can now Gadgeteers back feel in the palm of the hand. Gameloft is the developer who handles the game that is lifted from the movie The Dark Knight Rises and maybe as already Gadgeteers know, Gameloft almost never make fans disappointed.

But unfortunately Gadgeteers will not find this game in the Google Play Store the article is not available in the Homeland, for it @GadgetGaul provide a way out by downloading the .apk file through the following link.

5. Minions Paradise

Remember the Minions who attended the Despicable Me movie and now have their own movie called Minions? Well, now the Minions is also present in the Android device in the game titled Minions Paradise. In this game Gadgeteers will build a “paradise” for the Minions on an island. There the Minions will play and do silly activities that can make the Gadgeteers stomach shuffled.

Back, like two previous games. Minions Paradise is not officially available on the Google Play Store, in order to play it Gadgeteers must download its downloadable .apk file via the following link.

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