What is Vero?

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Some Gadgeteers may begin to notice that agen togel Instagram users are busy trying out a new app called Vero. An application similar to Instagram is now sitting on the first ladder of the Social Network category in the App Store.

The creator claims that the Vero app makes the online content sharing process “more noticeable like real life”, as stated in its App Store description. But what is Vero, and is it really a new Instagram?

One of the selling power of Vero is a feature where users can choose who can and can not see their posts. They can do this by categorizing followers based on real-life relationships (“close friends,” “friends,” and “acquaintances”). Users can also share more than just photos and videos. Links, music, movies, books, and places can all be shared and entered into “collections”. In general, this kind of feature can be found on Facebook, tap yap right Instagram do not have it.

Vero was created by billionaire Ayman Hariri in 2015 because of his frustration with his experience using Facebook and Twitter. He believes that more and more advertising takes over space and the more complicated algorithms will create an unauthentic experience. In response, he initiated Vero, an alternative concept for social media.

Then domino qiu qiu what makes Vero different? First, Hariri believes that social media should let the user be who you are. To do that, he designed Vero to split your followers into four categories: followers, acquaintances, friends, and close friends. When a user shares something, the user can select the level of friend who can see and who does not, as mentioned earlier.

Hariri also removes the ad completely, which in turn has no mining and algorithms. Everything is simple. The timeline is always set by the post in reverse chronological order. But since it does not use advertising, Vero makes money in several different ways. First, they charge an annual subscription fee, which is rumored to be around $ 5. They will also charge a transaction fee for the purchasing panel. So, business or brand managers can offer products to their followers so that customers can pay directly through Vero. Vero will then save the transaction fee on all payments made through the application. Almost the same as most marketplace.

Vero is currently the most downloaded free app on the Apple App Store. They offer free lifetime subscriptions for the first 1,000,000 users, so if Gadgeteers is considering trying out this new platform, now is the time. Ohya, Vero is also available on Android.

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